• Learner's Showcase

    NTH@C is on the cutting-edge of education. At its heart is Project-Based Learning, a method which involves hands-on, learner-centered participation in real-world activities that incorporate the skills that learners must master in order to be successful 21st Century citizens. This includes group collaboration, technology use, oral and written communication, and of course, content mastery.
    Whether it’s publishing books, organizing school-wide conventions, or planning service-learning projects to benefit the community, the NTH@C learners are constantly working on their projects to achieve AMAZING RESULTS!
    Our Learner’s Showcase on the left highlights some examples of the outstanding contributions of our young people. Please click on one or all, and be prepared to be amazed and impressed!


    Pumpkin Chunkin' Project — November 4, 2009
    Unforgotten — March 2010