Mr. Minn Jeff Minn
    CERTIFICATIONS: Principal (EC-12), Secondary Special Education (6-12), Secondary History (6-12) & Secondary Sociology (6-12)
    Mr. Minn is in his 23rd year in education, 12th year in Coppell ISD and 2nd year at Victory Place @ Coppell. He has 12 years of experience in administration and earned his Bachelor's and Master's of Science degree in Education from Baylor University. He has worked as an Assistant Principal for Coppell Middle School West where he was named in 2012 Region 10 Assistant Principal of the Year by TASSP. Mr. Minn has served the district as Coordinator of Behavior Services while working in the Intervention Services Department and the Coppell ISD Curriculum team. 
    He is married and has a son and daughter, both in high school. He enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and listening to live music.
    Genius: Mr. Minn's genius is his commitment to service. He believes that no joy can equal the joy in serving others. He especially experiences true joy when serving in a way that helps other discover the genius in themselves!
    Fun Fact: Mr. Minn was born and raised in Hawaii. He enjoys big waves and play the ukulele.
    Mrs. Porter  
    Camille Porter
    Assistant Principal
    CERTIFICATIONS: Mid-Management Administrator (PK-12), Secondary Computer Information Systems (6-12), Secondary English (6-12), Business Education (6-12), Math (4-8)
    Mrs. Porter is in her 29th year in education, 9th year in Coppell ISD and 5th year at Victory Place @ Coppell. She has 13 years of experience in administration and earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems as well as a Master’s of Education degree in Educational Administration - both from the University of North Texas. She has served as both a classroom facilitator and administrator for Victory Place. She is married and has a daughter who is in the 11th grade in high school. In her free time, she watches her daughter play both club soccer & varsity high school soccer.
    Genius:  Mrs. Porter’s genius is her desire to help learners who are struggling to find their path in life and supporting those who are truly in need. She also has a knack for technology and gadgets.
    Fun Fact: Mrs. Porter lives in the country and has a flock of chickens on her property that provides organic, farm fresh eggs that she enjoys sharing with others. 
    Mrs RWB
    Rochelle Baston-Williams
    (214) 496-8032
     CERTIFICATIONS: School Counselor (EC-12), Classroom Teacher Generalist (4-8)
    Mrs. Baston-Williams is in her 4th year in Coppell ISD, and her 17th year in education. She taught middle school social studies for 4 years and is going into her 13th year as a counselor. Mrs. Baston Williams received her graduate degree from Amberton University and her undergraduate degree from The University of North Texas. She enjoys spending time with her husband and kids, watching old Bette Davis, Joan Crawford and Alfred Hitchcock movies, and traveling.
    Genius: Mrs. BastonWilliams’ genius is her daily, positive upbeat energy and attitude. She enjoys building strong relationships with students/adults.
    Fun Fact: Mrs. Baston Williams loves sour jelly beans and is terrified of tornadoes and flying on airplanes. 
    Cheryl Norman
    Administrative Assistant
    (214) 496-8032
    Mrs. Norman is beginning her 22nd year in Coppell ISD and her 16th year at Victory Place @ Coppell. She attended Alabama A&M and the University of Louisville. She enjoys all sports, traveling and reading. Mrs. Norman loves spending time w/her family, especially her 3 year old granddaughter Savannah.
    Genius:  Mrs. Norman's genius is her belief that everyone is her presence will be welcomed and treated with respect no matter who they are. She believes that potential is rooted deep in everyone and loves it when an individual discovers their own potential & passion.
    Fun Fact:  Mrs. Norman tried out for "Wheel of Fortune" and was her elementary school Spelling Bee Champion.    

    School Resource Officer 

     Mrs. Allison
    Jennie Allison
    CERTIFICATIONS: Secondary Biology (6-12), Secondary Chemistry (6-12), Science (7-12), English as a Second Language Supplemental (EC-12), Special Education (EC-12)
    Mrs. Allison began teaching in 1996 after earning a B.S. in Molecular Biology from the University of Texas at Austin.  As a military spouse, she has had the opportunity to teach in Texas, California, Alabama, Florida and Japan. Her experience includes teaching middle school science and biology, chemistry and Earth science at the high school level. She also taught ESL to students of all ages in a variety of settings while living overseas. Her favorite aspect of teaching is connecting with students and watching them grow. She enjoys spending time with friends and family and being a part of the Coppell community. 
    Genius:  Mrs. Allison's genius is her sense of service. She has strived to give her time and energy to help improve every community that she has called home.
    Fun Fact: Mrs. Allison loves adventure! She has hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, climbed to the top of Mr. Fuji, and climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Australia.
      Mrs Muir
    Lauren Billingsley
    CERTIFICATIONS: Math (7-12); Math (4-8), Science (4-8), Special Education (EC-12_
    Mrs. Billingsly is beginning her 5th year in education and her 3rd year in Coppell ISD and Victory Place @ Coppell. She is certified in Mathematics 4-12, Science 4-8, and Special Education EC-12. She is a graduate of the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and earned her certification through ACT San Antonio. She spent her first two years teaching in a Title I high school in San Antonio before moving back to the DFW area. Ms. Billingsly’s greatest pleasure teaching at her previous school was being the teacher sponsor for Student Council. Watching students create a sense of community, spirit, and service in their school was just as rewarding as being in the classroom.
    Fun Fact: Ms. Billingsly has a menu item named after her at her favorite dessert shop. She was one of the original employees of Woolley’s Frozen Custard, a popular and local small business in the Fort Worth area. If you need to satisfy a sweet tooth stop in and order a Lauren’s Favorite!
     Mrs. Cook
    Andrea Cook
    CERTIFICATIONS: Principal (EC-12), Technology Education (6-12), Technology Applications (8-12), Secondary Economics (6-12)
    Mrs. Cook is beginning her 16th year in education and 2nd year at Victory Place @Coppell. She earned her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Economics, Math, and Business. She earned her Master’s of Science degree in Educational Administration - both from Texas A&M Commerce. She has served as both a classroom facilitator and campus director of technology. She is married and they have four daughters and one son. The youngest daughter is a junior in high school and the others have all graduated high school and are either pursuing their career or furthering their education. In her free time, she spends time with family, travels, reads, decorates home, exercises, cooks dishes from Blue Apron, and enjoys keeping up with economics and technology changes and advances.
    Genius: Mrs. Coook's genius is problem-solving by identifying a problem, creating solutions or finding answers that are acceptable to others, while showing respect or consideration of them.  She also has a high resiliency level, where she recovers from or adjusts quickly to misfortune or change.
    Fun Fact: Mrs. Cook has ridden a bicycle down a volcano on the island of Maui three times and looks forward to doing it again. She also went snow skiing in Minnesota one week and jet skiing in the ocean in Florida the second week of Christmas Break, 2016.
    Dr Fielder  
    Linda Fielder
    CERTIFICATIONS: Secondary Science Composite (6-12), Secondary Math (6-12), English as a Second Language Supplemental (EC-12), Special Education (EC-12), Secondary Chemistry (6-12)
    Dr. Fielder is beginning her 17th year with Coppell ISD and Victory Place @ Coppell.  She is certified in Chemistry,  Secondary Math 6-12, Composite Science 6-12 and Special Education.  Dr. Fielder graduated from Drew University in Madison, New Jersey with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. She continued her education at the Johns Hopkins University and received her Master of Arts in Chemistry and her PhD in Physical Chemistry.   Her post-doc experience involved the study of doubly charged ion mass spectrometry at Georgia Institute of Technology. She realized her passion for education after teaching chemistry at Brookhaven Community College and continued her studies to  receive her teaching certificate from UT Dallas. She has three grown children, the oldest is an Associate Attorney in Corpus Christi, the middle is a physics graduate student at U of Pittsburgh, and the youngest is an engineering student at UTD . Dr. Fielder likes working in her gardens, exercising, swimming, the beach and riding motorcycles. She is an active advocate of Sustainability.
    Genius: Dr. Fielder's genius is fortitude and perseverance – she is characterized by her willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done and strives to impart this skill to learners.
    Fun Fact: Dr. Fielder is beginning her 18th year dancing with the dynamic Ukrainian Folk Dancing troupe, Zorya. 
     Mr Harris

    John Harris

    CERTIFICATIONS:  Social Studies (8-12), Social Studies (4-8)
    Mr. Harris is beginning his 2nd year at Victory Place @ Coppell this year after 10 years as an educator at Coppell High School.  “Mr. H” completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at the University of Texas at Dallas.  His career includes many years working as a senior manager at a large phone company; also, he has owned and operated two small businesses. Mr. Harris is married to an educator and they have 7 adult children.  In his free time, Mr. H loves family activities, road trips, hiking, golf, motorcycles, and is active in community service work.
    Genius: Mr. Harris’ genius is walking beside people who are struggling with life issues and encouraging others to find their given life trajectory.  He is an encourager of others.
    Fun Fact: Mr. Harris graduated from London Central High School in England.
    Mrs Ryan  
    Lynne Ryan
    Instructional Aide
    CERTIFICATION: Math (4-8)
    Mrs. Ryan has been involved in education for over 19 years which include her 3rd year at Victory Place @ Coppell. She has a Masters in Health Care Administration, a B.S. in Biology and is certified to teach Math 4-8. In addition to being involved in education, Mrs. Ryan retired from the United States Army Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel after 20 years of service. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends.
    Genius:  Mrs. Ryan’s genius is her willingness to jump in and give it a try. If it needs to be done, there is no task too big or too small.
    Fun Fact: Mrs. Ryan is an owner of a company named Jingle Heart and has appeared on QVC.
     Mr Smits
    Ryan Smits
    CERTIFICATIONS: English Language Arts and Reading (4-8) & (8-12), English as a Second Language Supplemental (EC-12), Speech (7-12), Special Education (EC-12), Science (4-8)
    Mr. Smits is beginning his 5th year in education and his 2nd year in Coppell ISD and Victory Place @ Coppell.  He is certified in English 4-12, Science 4-8, Speech/Debate 7-12, ESL Supplemental EC-12, and Special Education EC-12.  Mr. Smits graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and earned his certification through an alternative certification program.  He spent his first three years teaching at a Title I high school in Dallas ISD before moving to Coppell ISD.    In Dallas he helped organize and coach UIL Academics, Chess, Debate, and Academic Decathlon.  Encouraging students to go above and beyond and compete against other students in their areas of interest and even succeed was a rewarding experience, and he hopes to continue motivating students to achieve at Victory Place.  He enjoys his time by reading, writing, traveling, taking on new hobbies, and spending time with his wife, family, and friends.
    Genius: Mr. Smits’s genius is his curiosity.  He strives to always be open to learn something or explore a new idea, and he hopes to inspire a sense of curiosity in others.
    Fun Fact: Mr. Smits loves a new experience!  He has taken a mud bath with elephants in Thailand, crossed a glacier on the Continental Divide in Montana, and proposed on a hot air balloon ride.