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    • High School Gifted and Talented Services

      • Identified GT learners in grades 9-12 may choose from an array of instructional settings and designs to meet their specific academic, social, and emotional needs.   Service options include: specialized GT courses in the core curricular content areas, Pre-AP courses for preparation for the Advanced Placement (AP) Program, Pre-IB courses for preparation for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program through the IB World School at Coppell High School, specialized career and technology programs through the CHS Academies, enriched project-based learning opportunities at New Tech High @ Coppell, and dual credit and concurrent enrollment courses with CISD college and university partners.

      GT Course at CHS

      • The following specialized GT courses are offered at Coppell High School:
        GT Biology
        GT Chemistry
        GT AP Physics B
        GT AP World History
        GT English I
        GT English II
        GT AP English Language and Composition
        GT AP English Literature and Composition
        GT Geometry
        GT Algebra II


      AP Courses at CHS

      • The following Advanced Placement courses are offered at Coppell High School:
        AP Biology
        AP Chemistry
        AP Physics B
        AP Physics C
        AP Environmental Science
        AP Computer Science
        AP English Language and Composition
        AP English Literature and Composition
        AP Spanish Language
        AP Spanish Literature
        AP Latin?
        AP Human Geography
        AP World History
        AP European History
        AP U.S. History
        AP U.S. Government
        AP Comparative Politics?
        AP Macro Economics
        AP Micro Economics
        AP Psychology
        AP Calculus AB
        AP Calculus BC
        AP Statistics
        AP Art History
        AP Studio Art
        AP Music Theory

      AP Courses at NTH@C

      • The following Advanced Placement Courses are offered at New Tech High @ Coppell:
        AP Biology
        AP Physics B
        AP English Language and Composition
        AP Literature and Composition
        AP U.S. History
        AP Calculus AB
        AP Statistics


      International Baccalaureate Diploma Program

      • IB Coppell High School achieved the status of authorized IB World School in the fall of 2008 and began offering IB courses for CISD students in the fall of 2009.  IB enrollment is open to all students at Coppell High School and is an excellent option for developing the intellectual potential of gifted learners.   The IB diploma is recognized around the world as one of the most rigorous courses of study available to high school students.

      The Academies At Coppell High School

      • Coppell High School offers learners the opportunity to participate in one of three small learning communities referred to as “The Academies.”  Learners with a passion for a particular career or who would like the experience of taking a deep dive into an area of study may choose to enroll in either the Emerging Media and Communications Academy (EMAC), the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Academy (STEM), or the Public Services Academy (PSA).  The focus of the academy becomes the lens through which the majority the curriculum is explored.  Each academy has specific requirements.  Learners are given a great deal of voice and choice in how they demonstrate their understanding of the content.  In each academy, learners are expected to make connections and apply their learning in “real-world” situations facing practitioners in that field.

      New Tech High @ Coppell

      • New Tech High @ Coppell is the high school of choice in CISD.  Learners enrolled at NTH@C participate in a campus devoted to Project/Problem-Based learning as their sole instructional methodology.  NTH@C learners choose to graduate on the Distinguished Achievement Plan (the highest diploma offered in Texas) and must meet additional graduation requirements including a minimum of 12 hours of dual credit, a job shadowing and internship experiences, 10 hours of community service a year, and a Capstone Project and Presentation.  While there are no GT courses offered at NTH@C, all course work is weighted at the Pre-AP or AP level due to the rigor of the PBL learning environment.  

      Dual Credit And Concurrent Enrollment

      • Dual Credit Through a partnership with Dallas County Community Colleges, Coppell ISD offers gifted learners the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school through a dual enrollment program.  Learners may select courses from an approved list of dual credit courses.  Click here for more information.  Learners are not required to pay tuition or fees for Dual Credit courses (tuition and fees do apply for concurrent enrollment), but they are responsible for purchasing required textbooks or supplies.