Mr. Kevin Casey

Phone: 214-496-6505


Degrees and Certifications:

University of Texas-Arlington

Mr. Kevin Casey

Welcome to Coppell High School. Please review the appropriate documents for any needed information about the course. If you need anything, please email me at

Class Schedule

Period Day/Time Course Room
1 A/8:50–10:20AM * C/8:50-9:30am APUSH B214
2 A/10:30AM–12:00PM * C/10:26-11:06am APUSH B214
3 A/12:10–2:25PM * C/1:06-1:46pm APUSH B214
3 A Day Lunch
4 A/2:35–4:10PM * C/2:42-3:22pm Conference/Team Time
5 B/8:50–10:20AM * C/9:38-10:18am Conference/Team Time
6 B/10:30AM–12:00PM * C/11:15am-12:55pm APUSH B214
6 C Day Lunch
7 B/12:10–2:25PM * C/1:54-2:34pm APUSH B214
7 B Day Lunch
8 B/2:35–4:10PM * C/3:30-4:10pm NHS

Tutoring Schedule

  • Tues 8:15 am or Thu 8:15 am 
    or by appointment