Mr. Dutton

Phone: 214-496-6347


Degrees and Certifications:

BA History with US emphasis

Mr. Dutton

Welcome! This page has the basics for contact and schedule information.  
For IB History of the Americas Managebac is used for all specific course details and assignments.
For AP Psychology Schoology is used for all assignments & specific course details.
Students will have their log-in details in order to view those platforms.

Class Schedule

Period Day/Time Course Room
1 A/8:50–10:20AM * C/8:50-9:30am
2 A/10:30AM–12:00PM * C/10:26-11:06am
3 A/12:10–2:25PM * C/1:06-1:46pm
3 A Day Lunch
4 A/2:35–4:10PM * C/2:42-3:22pm
5 B/8:50–10:20AM * C/9:38-10:18am
6 B/10:30AM–12:00PM * C/11:15am-12:55pm
6 C Day Lunch
7 B/12:10–2:25PM * C/1:54-2:34pm
7 B Day Lunch
8 B/2:35–4:10PM * C/3:30-4:10pm

Tutoring Schedule

  •  By Appointment