The link to the right is a handbook written by the CHS Counseling Department to help students as they explore options for after high school. While it is primarily designed to assist with the college application process it has very useful information about other options. The handbook has a table of contents that may be pulled up by clicking the button in lower left-hand corner. It is a big help when moving from topic to topic in the handbook. Also, there is a very nice search feature which helps you find the information you need.
    The handbook may be viewed on a computer, iPad or phone. If viewing on an iPad or phone it is best seen in portrait view. When viewed on a computer or iPad it may viewed in a magazine or single page format and any page in the handbook may be printed.
    When viewing the handbook on an iPad you are encouraged to save it as an icon on your home screen so that it will be easy to reference as you move through the college application process.