• the learning portrait What is “The Learning Portrait”? In the Coppell ISD, we use this metaphor to help us paint the picture of the classroom of tomorrow. It helps all involved in the enterprise of education envision what learning for the future encompasses…from a transformed classroom environment to retooled educator training, and from ways in which curriculum is designed to ways learners can showcase their mastery of learning outcomes, and much more.

    The Learning Portrait creates a vivid portrayal so all stakeholders can catch a glimpse of learning in action. In the video, you will see and hear from some of the district’s best educators (exemplars) representing a variety of grade levels and content areas, share how they are empowering learners to “discover the artist within” and truly own their educational journey. Students are constructing meaning of their learning, engaging in projects, asking critical questions, working collaboratively, and applying these newly discovered principles to the “canvas” of their lives. The result, future-ready graduates prepared for tomorrow’s diverse and highly technical global marketplace.

    “Creating a New Vision for Public Education in Texas,” a white paper penned by 36 Texas superintendents over a two-year period (2006 - 2008), serves as the philosophical foundation for the ongoing work of transformation in the Coppell ISD.
    Six principles/ articles embraced in the publication include 1) the new digital learning environment, 2) the new learning standards, 3) assessments for learning, 4) accountability for learning, 5) organizational transformation, and 6) a more balanced and reinvigorated state/local partnership. These principles inspire and guide the new vision for all learners in CISD.