• Tips for Parents…

    • Pay attention to when you children are accessing the internet, where they are going, and what they are doing there.

    • Many children (or their friends) have phones, iPods and other mobile devices that give them access to the internet unfiltered. Have conversations with your children about what to do when they come across questionable material.  It is never too soon to start having these conversations.

    • Set parameters for internet use. Suggestions include:

      • restricting internet after 10pm

      • only allowing internet usage in community areas in the home

      • talk to the parents of your children’s friends to know the internet rules/allowances for their family

    • Put a filter on your home wifi such as Net Nanny, K9, Save Squid, Dans Guardian, and Open DNS. Remember, a filter is just a deterrent, children also need to be taught how to be smart online.

    • Ask your children about what sites they are visiting for school and how they know they are reliable.

    For more internet safety and permission information visit our "Safety, Security & Permissions" section.