• Learners at Austin Elementary are engaged daily in enriching, interest-based experiences that allow them to follow their passion and make connections with their learning. These experiences allow our learners to build relationships with experts that share their passions and interests, understand their ability to impact our local/global community, and develop talents and skills that motivate them to meaningfully contribute to others. Join us, and let your interests inspire the learners at Austin Elementary!

Enrichment Activities Offered During the School Day to All Students

    • 9 Week Enrichment Clusters
    • Weekly “E-Time"
    • Brown Bag Lunches (Mentor-Led / Learner-Led)
    • Learner Internships
    • Authentic Project-Based Learning Experiences
    • Curriculum Compacting
    • Interest-Based Field Experiences

Outside of School Enrichment Opportunities

  • Our campus also offers free school sponsored enrichment opportunities outside of the school day. See below for a list of opportunities:
     Name   Timeframe  Grade(s) Contact 
    Math Olympiad    
    NASA Engineering Design    
    For additional non-school sponsored activities, visit our campus PeachJar e-flyer site

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