Ms. Maleda Kunkle

Phone: 214-496-6413


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Maleda Kunkle

It has been a pleasure teaching here at Coppell High School for the past twenty one years.  I look forward to an exciting year!

Class Schedule

Period Day/Time Course Room
1 A/8:50–10:20AM * C/8:50-9:30am World History B210
2 A/10:30AM–12:00PM * C/10:26-11:06am PLC B210
3 A/12:10–2:25PM * C/1:06-1:46pm Oral Interpretation B210
3 A Day Lunch B Lunch B210
4 A/2:35–4:10PM * C/2:42-3:22pm
5 B/8:50–10:20AM * C/9:38-10:18am
6 B/10:30AM–12:00PM * C/11:15am-12:55pm
6 C Day Lunch B Lunch B210
7 B/12:10–2:25PM * C/1:54-2:34pm
7 B Day Lunch A Lunch B210
8 B/2:35–4:10PM * C/3:30-4:10pm
1st 8:50-10:20 World History B210
2nd 10:30-12:00 PLC B210
3rd 12:10-2:25 Oral Interpretation B210
4th 2:35-4:10 World History B210
5th 8:50-10:20 World History B210
6th 10:30-12:00 World History B210
7th 12:10-2:25 Conference B210
8th 2:35-4:10 World History B210

Tutoring Schedule

  •                     Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday before and after school