• Each day at Cottonwood Creek Elementary, learners engage in a variety of enriching experiences that promote choice, innovation, creativity, self-awareness, inquiry, critical thinking, and real-world connections. These experiences provide opportunities for our leaners to follow their passions, build relationships, serve others within our community, and make global connections through the use of technology and multi-media. Learners at Cottonwood Creek Elementary are provided limitless opportunities to reach their personal best and empowered to be leaders of their own learning.

Enrichment Activities Offered During the School Day to All Students

    • Genius Hour each week
    • Hands On Equations
    • Math Olympiad
    • Maker Space Experiences
    • Leadership Council
    • Campus Green Team
    • Authentic Project-Based Learning Experiences
    • Interest Based Field Experiences
    • Kid Learning Communities (KLC)
    • EdCamp
    • Learner-led daily news broadcast (CCNN)
    • Garden Club

Outside of School Enrichment Opportunities

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