• Learners at Richard J. Lee Elementary are engaged daily in enriching, interest-based collaborative experiences that allow them to follow their passion to initiate change and connect with their learning. These experiences challenge our learners to learn about compelling issues, propose solutions to real world problems, and take action. Learners reflect on their learning and the impact of their actions while publishing a solution to a worldwide audience. Join us, as your learners become change-making leaders of the world at Richard J. Lee Elementary!

Enrichment Activities Offered During the School Day to All Students

    • Authentic Challenge-Based Learning Experiences
    • Curriculum Compacting
    • Collaborative Learning Experiences
    • LEEdership Council
    • Student Ambassadors
    • Broadcast Studio Internships
    • Spurs Savings
    • Outdoor Gardening
    • Recycling
    • Hour of Code
    • Makerspace
    • Enrichment Hour
    • STEM Time

Outside of School Enrichment Opportunities

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  • For questions about enrichment activities please contact:
    Chantel Kastrounis, Principal

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