• Pinkerton learners have many opportunities for enrichment both during the school day and after school. As an IB-PYP Candidate school, we deliver instruction through six transdisciplinary units that integrate all academic areas as well as fostering learners’ social and emotional well-being. Each unit incorporates cultural awareness and promotes thinking from global perspectives. Language acquisition is enriched through weekly Spanish instruction. Learning is showcased through digital portfolios and learner-led conferences. Fine Arts instruction is authentic and hands-on, which helps learners make genuine connections.

Enrichment Activities Offered During the School Day to All Students

    • Weekly Spanish Instruction (K-5)
    • Math Olympiad (4th/5th grade learners)
    • Outdoor learning through the Pinkerton Patch (K-5)
    • Sustainability/Recycling Team (3rd-5th grades)
    • Bluebonnet Reading Program (3rd-5th grades)
    • Hands-On Equations (5th grade)
    • Student Leadership Council (5th grade)

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  • For questions about enrichment activities please contact:
    Amanda Sweeney, Principal

Outside of School Enrichment Opportunities