• Lakeside learners have many opportunities for enrichment both during the school day and after school. As a Digital School of Communication and PBL (Project Based Learning) campus, we provide instructional experiences that are infused with digital tools, future ready skills, and inquiry fostering learners’ social and emotional well-being. Learning is showcased through digital portfolios, learner-led conferences, and PBL presentations. Fine Arts instruction is authentic and hands-on, which helps learners make genuine connections.

Enrichment Activities Offered During (*or After) the School Day


    • Lakeside Makerspace (K-5)
    • Math Olympiad Team (4-5)* Requires teacher nomination and successful performance
    • Bluebonnet Reading Program (3-5)
    • Hands On Equations (5th)
    • Student Council (3-5)* Requires election by peers
    • Longhorn Choir (4-5)*
    • Knitting Club (K-5)*
    • Media Club (5th grade) *Requires teacher nomination
    • Kindness Club (3-5) * Requires teacher nomination

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  • For questions about enrichment activities please contact:
    Gema Hall, Principal