• Coppell ISD is offering students the opportunity to take their 1:1 devices (iPads or Laptops) home over the summer months for grades 6-11. (Need to insert a few more sentences about reasons why we made this decision)
    Sixth-Eleventh grade learners have the option to check-out their device for the summer or to check-in their device and re-check it out at the start of school. Each campus will be communicating specific details about this process, but here are a few key points:
    • All learners must complete and have their parents sign either a "iPad/Laptop Take-Home" form or a "iPad/Laptop Check-in" form
    • If a learner chooses NOT to take the device home for the summer, he/she will need to turn-in the device with accessories (power cord, charger, case, etc.) to the school in accordance with the define procedures. The same device and accessories will be rechecked-out to the learner at the start of the school year.
    • Before the summer, each device will need to be reviewed for damages and to verify that it has an appropriate case. 
    •  Eight grade learners' iPads will follow them to CHS (and will be exchanged for a laptop at NTH@C).
    • Seniors and students not returning to Coppell ISD must return their device and accessories to the campus before the end of the school year.

Summer iPads FAQ

  • If I want to keep my device over the summer, what do I need to do?
    Each campus will have a set of procedures, but in general the following will occur:
    • Parents and students sign a check-out form for the summer
    • Students get device reviewed for damages and staff makes note of those damages (see damage section for more details)
    • Parents should review their insurance coverage
    If I turn in my device for the summer, will I get the same device next school year?
    Yes. The plan is for students to keep using their same device. Eight grade iPads will follow the students to CHS (or will be exchanged for a laptop at NTH@C). So if a student turns in their iPad and accessories (charger, power cord, case, etc.) over the summer, that exact iPad will be re-check out to them at the start of school.
    I am a Senior, do I need to turn in my device?
    Yes. Seniors at CHS and NTH@C will need to turn in their device before graduation. The specific process to turn-in devices will be communicated by the individual campuses.
    I am not coming back to Coppell ISD schools next year, what do I need to do?
    Please contact your campus for instructions on how to return your device before the end of the school year.
    Will there be technical support over the summer.
    Yes! Learners will need to submit a help desk ticket. Click here for additional technical support details.
    Will my insurance cover my device over the summer?
    You will need to check with your insurance company. Typically insurance covers for a year from date purchased. If you don't have insurance you may want to consider insurance. Worth Ave offers CISD a discounted rate.