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    We hope that you are able to explore the numerous learning experiences of our learners via our site!
    Our theme for Town Center this year is "TCE Family:  A Past to Remember-A Present to Celebrate-A Future to Generate".  Town Center is truly an exceptional place to be and each of our educators, learners and families help to make our campus a wonderful place for learning, growing and building relationships!  We embrace diversity within our campus and empower everyone to seek out his or her interests, passions and celebrate who they are as individuals. 
    We are a campus that focuses on individualizing education for each child and guiding them to find an inner passion for learning helping them to be the innovators, problem solvers, and creators for the future. We have a S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) initiative in order to help drive instruction and promote even more engagement, hands-on learning opportunities, and career awareness for our students. We also utilize blended learning and flipped classroom instruction that helps our learners in using various technologies promoting communication, academics and global learning for all. We will have many opportunities this year for you to see the kinds of learning strategies we are implementing with our students, as well as the wonderful variety of technologies that the students use each and every day to help them reach their fullest potential as learners. Due to the wonderful support from our families and PTO, we are able to continue meeting the needs of our students and have wonderful tools available for our campus.  We truly appreciate your help and support! 
    See the following attachment for the beginning of the year info and dates!
    See my principal blog for more updates on what is happening at TCE! 
    “Happiness is a habit . . . cultivate it!”
    - Elbert Hubbard"
    Dr. Angie Brooks Applegate