• Blogging Challenge 15-16

    Posted by Brian Timm on 4/18/2016

    Our educators had the opportunity to "Find Your Voice Through Blogging".  Schoology was the perfect learning environment to host this type of challenge. Inside our DLC PL Course in Schoology, educators could find the folder for the Blogging Challenge.  Inside this folder were the three learning modules.  In the first module, educators explored what a blog is, and why they would want to blog.  In the second module, they learned different ways to create a blog. Then, they created their blog, and shared it with the other participants.  In the third module, they completed the challenge of trying out three new digital tools in their classroom, and then blogged a reflection on using these new tools.


    The Blogging Challenge was a great success, as shown by a total of 287 posts on our Schoology discussion boards, as well as 36 new blogs created by CISD educators.  Thank you for all of your participation, collaboration, and creation.  Please check out a few of our stand out blogs:






    Here is a view of the Blogging Challenge course structure in Schoology:

    Blog Challenge Schoology Screenshot


    Discussion board example:

    Discussion Board Screen Shot

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  • Implementation Challenge 15-16

    Posted by Brian Timm on 4/15/2016

    CISD Educators had the challenge to implement three chapters of the CISD Learning Framework into their classroom.  Chapters 1 (Learning Environment), 4 (Learning Design), and 5 (Assessment) were chosen.  Schoology was used as our learning environment.  Inside our DLC PL Course, educators could find and complete our DIY Designers Challenge.  


    DIY Designers Challenge Screenshot


    For each chapter, we followed a simple formula: Educators explored that chapter of the CISD Learning Framework, watched example videos from that chapter, and then completed their challenge as an assignment.  Each challenge had suggestions for educators to implement in their classroom, but they were also given the freedom to come up with their own.  Each completed challenge earned the educator an hour of flex credit.


    We enjoyed seeing all of the different ways the CISD Learning Framework is being implemented in the classroom.  Thank you to all who participated!

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  • Digital Genius Blogging Challenge 15-16

    Posted by Brad Cook on 12/15/2015 12:00:00 PM

    The CISD DLC team is currently offering a blogging implementation challenge to our educators.  You can view the blogging progress at:




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