NTH@C Graduates – Classes of 2011-2021

    • Order your transcript through by clicking link above.
    • You will need to create a NEW LEARNER ACCOUNT using the name you used when you graduated from NTH@C.
    • All graduates of NTH@C will be charged for their transcripts.                                                                        
    • Class of 2022 will be able to send transcripts for free until August 1, 2022.


    NTH@C Seniors – Class of 2022

    • Colleges
      • Click the link above for
      • Use your email address to create your account.
      • Create an account. You were emailed a Registration Code. If you don't have your code you can create your account without it.
      • When creating the account, say NO to creating a profile for colleges to look at. We do not have that option.
      • Select your college, university, etc...
      • You can have it emailed from or sent through the mail from
      • These are official transcript.
      • If you have one emailed to yourself, that will not be an official transcript.
    • Scholarships
      • Request through
    • Unofficial Transcripts
      • Request through and have it emailed to your personal email address.
    • Final Transcript at End of Senior Year to College You Will Be Attending - At the end of the school year, you will request your final transcript to be sent to your college/university of choice.  
      • You will need to select HOLD FOR GRADES.
      • As soon as the final transcripts are uploaded to they will automatically send to the college/university you have requested if you selected HOLD FOR GRADES.
    • Dallas College Transcript
      • If you completed any dual credit courses through Dallas College, you will need to send your Dallas College transcript to your school of choice.
      • Login to your Dallas College Account
      • Request to have your Dallas College Transcript sent to your school of choice using the GreenLight system.
      • They may or may not charge you for this.


    NTH@C 9th - 11th Graders

    • You will go to
    • Create an account using your email address.
    • When creating the account, say NO to creating a profile for colleges to look at. We do not have that option.

    NCAA Transcript

    Junior Year at NTH@C

    • Register at  during your junior year
    • Send them a six semester transcript (end of junior year transcript).
      • You will send the transcript to NCAA through
      • If you have taken any dual credit classes, you will also need to send them your Dallas College transcript.
    • Send them your SAT and/or ACT score directly from Collegeboard or ACT.

    End of Senior Year at NTH@C

    • Send final transcript to establish eligibility to play. Request this through e-mail (
    • If you attended more than one high school and/or North Lake you will need to also send them those official transcripts from those institutions.