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    As a school community, we provide each learner with a high-quality, challenging education designed to maximize his/her potential as a learning leader. Our environment is a shared, caring community where there is mutual respect between the educators and the learners. Innovation, creativity, awareness, inquiry, and critical thinking are an integral part of our learning environment. Our learners are provided limitless opportunities to reach their personal best and empowered to be leaders of their own learning. 

    Cottonwood Creek Elementary’s Leadership Book-of-the-Month:

    Carla's Sandwich

    Photo of book: C. Alaniz

    Herman, Debbie. Carla’s Sandwich. Illustrated by Sheila Bailey. New York: Flashlight Press, 2004.

    Carla’s sandwiches are out of the ordinary: bananas and cottage cheese, chopped liver on cucumber, sardine with sunflower seeds. Her classmates, (Buster in particular) do not always appreciate her taste in sandwiches, expressing their disgust and moving tables in the lunchroom, leaving her all alone. One day their class goes on a picnic. Everyone wonders what Carla will bring. When her classmates sit down to eat, Buster realizes he has forgotten his sandwich. Carla quickly offers him one of her extras, but Buster refuses at first. The sight of others enjoying their sandwiches forces Buster to accept Carla ’s offer, taking a bite of her latest combination (raisin, lettuce, tomato, bean sprout, pretzel and mayonnaise). His classmates watch him in anticipation, and Buster announces it is the tastiest sandwich he has ever eaten. Soon, everyone else wants to try the sandwich, too. With its message of acceptance, Carla’s Sandwich shows young readers the value of being yourself.