Name Department Room Number Phone/214-496-xxxx Email
Akbarzadeh, Soudabeh Math D101
Arritola, Chin Librarian Library 3814
Behlen, James Math J106 3884
Borowski, Bill CTE - Health Science B105 3876
Brown, Rosa Languages Other Than English A109 48658
Callaway, Tanisha Languages Other Than English B106
Caussey, Chris Social Studies C105 3827
Chavez, Erika Special Education A104 3855
Coenraad, Nick Assistant Principal Office 3811
Conger, Reyna Languages Other Than English A107 3822
Coogle, Bona Choir CHS 6538
Coronado, Aaron Choir CHS 6474
Cox, Christi Attendance/Assistant Principal Secretary Office 3802
Dennis, Lisa Special Education - PAG A102 Annex
Doggett, Laronna Science C108 3877
Douglas, Cathy Science C102 3875
Dyson, Cole Science J104
Dyson, Mike PE Gym 3830
English, Jarell Social Studies C114 and A106
Farris, Krysten English Language Arts and Reading J112 3869
Fillers, Annie Social Studies C103 3864
Fowler, Doug Special Education C115
Fragosa, Amber CTE - Health Science B104
Garner, Grant CTE - Engineering/Architecture B107 3881
Garrett, Judy Languages Other Than English A108 3878