CISD Students Compete at Regional Science Olympiad

  • Student teams from Coppell High School, Coppell Middle School East, Coppell Middle School North and Coppell Middle School West competed at the Regional Science Olympiad held March 3 at North Lake College. Several Coppell ISD teams Placed in the top four or won in their categories.

    Coppell High School Results

    Teacher Sponsors are Cathy Douglas, Steven Hart and Madhavi Phadke.

    Alpha Team

    1st Place in Write It / Do It – Dharshini Suresh and Varshini Suresh
    1st Place in Astronomy – Gayathri Vijayakumar and Harini Kumar
    2nd Place in Anatomy and Physiology – Bhoomika Kumar and Shricherry Nannapaneni
    2nd Place in Disease Detectives – Harini Kumar and Smrithi Upadhyayula
    2nd Place in Ecology – Bhoomika Kumar and Madhu Vakkadala
    2nd Place in Mechathlon – Olivier Balazy and Rithvik Nagarajan
    3rd Place in Code Busters – Olivier Balazy, Rithvik Nagarajan and Mahti Shastry
    3rd Place in Fermi Questions – Kevin Patel and Rithvik Nagarajan
    4th Place in Chemistry Lab — Dharshini Suresh and Varshini Suresh
    4th Place in Forensics – Bhoomika Kumar and Kevin Patel
    4th Place in Helicopter – Dharshini Suresh and Varshini Suresh
    4th Place in Game On – Olivier Balazy and Daniel Zhang
    4th Place in Microbe Mission — Smrithi Upadhyayula and Shricherry Nannapaneni 

    Beta Team:

    1st Place in Forensics — Avani Kashyap and Keertana Narayanan
    2nd Place in Microbe Mission — Khyathi Thallapureddy and Pratik Koppikar
    3rd Place in Rocks and Minerals – Emilie Sangerhausen
    4th Place in Anatomy and Physiology – Celeste Wang and Claire Cheon
    4th Place in Mechathlon – Anirudh Vadduri and Aditi Manjrekar
    4th Place in Optics – Anu Anand and Supraj Punnam
    4th Place in Thermodynamics — Keertana Narayanan and Supraj Punnam
    4th Place in Towers – Aditi Manjrekar and Rith Bhattacharyya 

    Coppell Middle School East Results

    Teacher Sponsors are Leah Bradshaw and Sarah Grove

    CMSE’s Team Placed 7th overall.

    2nd Place for Optics — Sri Achanta and Nalini Agnihotri
    3rd Place for Hovercraft —  Andrew Tseng and Harish Jawahar
    3rd Place for Meteorology — Sneha Chandak and Mrinmayee Jana
    4th Place for Battery Buggy — Nikshita Kurva and Arya Agashe
    4th Place for Fast Facts — Nikshita Kurva and Nehal Singh

    Coppell Middle School North Results

    Teacher Sponsors are Paige Park and Laura Williams.

    North’s Beta team came in 4th Place overall for the region.  

    1st Place for Optics — Kashvi Singh and Madhura Naik
    2nd Place for Battery Buggy —  Mihir Kabbur
    2nd Place for Density — Namyuktha Prakash and Deepa Chivulsula
    2nd Place for Hovercraft — Kashvi Singh and Manya Trisha
    2nd Place for Bottle Rockets — Shar Deviprasath and Ansh Lala
    2nd Place for Herpetology — Hana Sawaf and Sarah Moore
    2nd Place for Microbe Mission — Aditi Mahangade and Natasha Banga
    3rd Place for Towers — Sirini Karunadas and Saaketh Kari
    3rd Place for Wright Stuff — Mihir Kabbur and Samarth Kabbur
    3rd Place for Anatomy and Physiology — Kashvi Singh and Madhura
    4th Place for Ecology — Shreya Mekala and Manya Trisha
    4th Place for Anatomy and Physiology — Aditit Mahangade and Hira Sarangapani
    4th Place for Crime Busters — Yaal Prabhu and Abbas Khawaja
    4th Place for Meteorology — Natasha Banga and Vasu Sharma
    4th Place for Optics — Natasha Banga and Sejal Goyal
    4th Place for Rocks and Minerals — Aarush Kanungo and Vasu Sharma

    Coppell Middle School West Results

    Teacher Sponsor is Jim Manley.

    1st Place in Disease Detectives — Aditi Krishnan and Ananya Chintalapudi Manisha
    1st Place in Rocks and Minerals — Nithya Sevugan and Reema Nannapaneni  
    2nd Place in Fast Facts — Sakthivelnathan and Aarushi Chitagi
    3rd Place in Indoor Bottle Rockets — Abigail Jared and Jack Buffington
    3rd Place in Optics — Harshini Bapanapalli and Sreeja Mudumby  
    4th Place in Picture This — Aditi Krishnan and Ananya Chintalapudi
    3rd Place in We've Got Your Number — Lohith Dudhyala and Manisha Sakthivelnathan
    4th Place in Indoor Bottle Rockets —  Lohith Dudhyala and Smaran Voora
    3rd Place in Write it Do it — Aditi Krishnan and Aarushi Chitagi  
    3rd Place in Fast Facts — Suchit Ineni and Jeevana Ramakrishna
    4th Place in Microbe Mission — Mehak Arora and Anthika Gunaselan
    4th Place in Naked Egg Drop — Jyoshitha Madhavarapu and Jeevana Ramakrishna