• The Coppell ISD Board of Trustees approved new elementary and middle school attendance boundaries for the district during its meeting Feb. 25, 2019. The new boundaries were adopted in preparation for the opening of CISD’s 11th elementary school, Canyon Ranch Elementary, in Irving (Valley Ranch) in August 2019, as well to optimize student capacity at facilities while accommodating student growth in the southern portion of the district.

    The goals for the boundary realignment were to maintain the neighborhood school concept, minimize student/movement disruption, balance enrollment within the capacities of all campuses, and ensure efficient utilization of facilities.


    • Strategic Design Implications
    • Student Growth Projections
    • Transportation Efficiency and Cost
    • Staffing Implications and Cost
    • Special Programs (e.g. Special Education, Dual Language, IB, Choice, etc.)
    • Middle School Feeder Patterns
    • Middle School Feeder Patterns as they relate to changes in Elementary Boundaries


  • Current (2018-19) fourth and seventh graders will be allowed to finish their fifth grade and eighth grade years, respectively, at their current school for the 2019-2020 school year if they choose. Siblings of these students also would be allowed to remain at the current campus for one year only. Transfer forms must be completed for “grandfathered” students and siblings.

    Click Here for more information and transfer request forms.

Student Transfer Requests

  • Students who reside in the Coppell ISD boundaries and are currently enrolled in a Coppell ISD school and would like to request a transfer to another Coppell ISD school must complete a transfer request form annually. All students attending their current school on a transfer must complete a transfer request form to remain at the transfer school for the 2019-2020 school year. As a condition of every approved transfer is the requirement that the student maintain prompt and regular attendance (90%), good behavior, passing grades in all areas and space availability at the receiving campus.

    Click Here for more information and transfer request forms.