• Coppell ISD will realign its school boundaries for the 2019-2020 school year, as we open the new elementary school in Valley Ranch. This will allow CISD to optimize student capacity at our facilities while accommodating student growth in the southern portion of the district.

    The goals for the boundary realignment will be to provide balanced enrollment within the preferred capacities of all campuses, ensure efficient utilization of facilities, maintain the neighborhood school concept and minimize student/movement disruption.


    • Strategic Design Implications
    • Student Growth Projections
    • Transportation Efficiency and Cost
    • Staffing Implications and Cost
    • Special Programs (e.g. Special Education, Dual Language, IB, Choice, etc.)
    • Middle School Feeder Patterns
    • Middle School Feeder Patterns as they relate to changes in Elementary Boundaries

Current Alignment and Feeder Patterns

  • (For 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years)

    CISD Boundary and Campus Map           Current Attendance Zone           Current Feeder Patterns


Timeline for Realignment

  • May 2018
    Board workshop to discuss process and review timeline (Video Archive)

    July and August 2018
    Individual meetings with Board members to seek general input

    September 2018
    Enrollment snapshot to demographer; seek community general input

    October 2018
    Start building models with demographer; Fall demographic update presentation to Board

    October 16, 2018
    Board Workshop (Video Archive)

    November 12, 2018
    Board Workshop (Video Archive)

    December 10, 2018
    Board Workshop (Video Archive)

    December 2018
    Refine and narrow models

    January 10, 2019
    Community Forum at CHS9, 6:30  p.m.
    (Presentation | Program/FAQ)

    January 16, 2019
    Facebook Live, 6:30 p.m.

    January 22, 2019
    Board Workshop
    Executive Session (closed to public), 6 p.m.
    Workshop, 6:30 p.m.

    February 2019
    Board considers and adopts final proposal

    March through May 2019
    Inform parents of changes and movement of student files between affected campuses. Revise bus routes to accommodate boundary changes.