Alejandra Camarillo

Phone: 214-496-8187


Degrees and Certifications:

Alejandra Camarillo

4th Grade Language Arts and Social Studies DLI | Room C102

Welcome to Denton Creek Elementary! My Name is Alejandra Camarillo and I teach 4thgrade DLI. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email or remind 101. You can also find our class twitter!


Bienvenidos a Denton Creek Elementary! Mi nombre es Alejandra Camarillo y yo enseno 4to grado DLI. Si tiene preguntas pro favor no dude en contacterme por correo electonico o en remind 101. También estamos en twitter. 


Remind 101: @9a4e2c4

Twitter: @Ms_Camarillo4th



Conference Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 8:50-9:30 a.m.
Friday: 9:15-10:05 p.m.


Monday-Thursday Class Schedule

  • Camarillo 4C Language Arts and Social Studies
    Rojas 4D Math and Science 

    7:30-7:40 Pick up and unpack
    7:40-7:50 Announcements
    7:50-8:00 Morning Meeting
    8:00-8:45 Rotation 1 (homeroom class)
    8:45-9:35 Specials
    9:40-11:15 Rotation 1 (homeroom class)
    11:15-11:20 Switch
    11:20-12:10 Rotation 2 (partner class)
    12:15-12:45 Lunch
    12:45-1:15 Recess
    1:20-2:50 Rotation 2 (partner class)
    2:50-2:55 Switch back to homeroom
    2:55-3:00 Dismissal

Friday Class Schedule

  • Camarillo 4C Language Arts and Social Studies
    Rojas 4D Math and Science

    7:30-7:40 Homeroom - unpack
    7:40-8:30 Trail Days
    8:34-8:55 Announcements & class meetings
    8:55-9:15 Rotation 1 (homeroom class)
    9:20-10:10 Specials 
    10:15-11:45 Rotation 1 (homeroom)
    11:45-11:50 Switch
    11:50-12:15 Rotation 2 (partner class)
    12:15-12:45 Lunch
    12:45-1:15 Recess 
    1:20-2:50 (partner class)

    2:50-2:55 Switch 

    2:55-3:00 Dismissal