• The faculty and staff of Coppell High School would like to welcome you to the Coppell High School International Baccalaureate webpage. CHS was authorized as an IB world school in December 2008. The first IB classes taught at CHS began in August 2009. We have graduated seven classes of IB students.  In August 2018 our tenth class of students (the Class of 2020) began the program, and together with the Class of 2019 we will have over 130 candidates pursuing the IB Diploma. This places us in the top tier of IB programs in the state in terms of candidates enrolled in an IB program. We have repeatedly told visiting IB officials that our goal is to be the best program in the state of Texas. We continue forward in our pursuit of that goal.

    The IB Diploma Program at CHS

    All students at Coppell High School who are entering the 11th Grade year (or who are in the 11th or 12th grade and transferring to CHS from another IB DP) may join the IB program as long as they are willing and able to undertake its requirements. As part of the program students must complete six IB courses. In addition to the grades earned at CHS, upon completion of the courses students receive a score of 1-7 based on the quality of externally graded examinations and internally marked authentic assessments. For either three or four of the courses, students must complete examinations at the higher level (HL). If students complete the core IB activities below (CAS, EE, TOK) and earn at least 24 marks on their six IB course exams, they qualify for the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. Students are required to take the IB exams when they complete the courses and, like AP exams, there are associated fees. The total of all fees for the two year program will be $920 for students beginning the program in the fall of 2018 (a modest adjustment may be made to this total after IBO releases its scale of fees in September 2018, but this should be marginal if necessary at all). Several payment plans are available and accommodations based on financial need can be worked out on an individual basis.

    • Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) – one qualifying activity per week over the two years of the program
    • Extended Essay (EE) – 4,000 word original research paper on a topic of personal interest, mentored by a faculty member
    • Theory of Knowledge (ToK) course – Two-semester course taken over the two years of the program. The first semester is taken in the spring of the junior year, and the second in the fall of the senior year.


    The IB Course Certificate Option at CHS

    In the 2018-19 school year, Coppell High School opened the Course Certificate option which allows our students to choose 1 to 4 subject courses rather than pursuing the full IB Diploma. Course candidates must meet the same requirements in each course as the Diploma candidates, and must include the Theory of Knowledge course sequence in their IB selections. Fees for Course candidates are prorated to cover only the costs of the registration and the exams for the courses that they choose. A schedule for these fees can be found in the "Pre-Registration Guide for Sophomores" or the "IB Student Handbook" in the "Resources" menu on this page.