East Sustainability Club

  • ESC

    The East Sustainability Club is a hardworking group dedicated towards making the environment friendlier in our school and the community. We often participate in events and plan fundraisers to help raise money reaching out to all. We want to use that money to buy useful items and energy efficient products, advertise, help out with events, and hold our own events. As a team, we hope to spread awareness to everyone and take more action so we can make the world a better place!


    ESC is open to all students 6th - 8th grade. 

    Special Projects

    • Building and maintaining a school garden and compost bins at East
    • Recycling
    • Setting up and maintaining a certified Monarch WayStation
    • Volunteering Opportunities at the Coppell Community Garden and Coppell Nature Park
    • Participation in EarthFest
    • Educating our community about the Global Goals
    • Installing energy efficient products (solar panels, environment friendly light switches, etc.)


    Learn more about our club projects and events by visiting our website


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    Sarah Grover  and  Shelby Thompson