Student Council

  • Student Council is an organization headed by student-elected officers and membered by student representatives. Each “Beast Time” class at Middle School East has at least one student representative, ensuring that the entire student body has access to the Student Council organization.


    One of the purposes of the Student Council organization is to provide a voice for the entire East student body in conversations about the needs of the school, the policies of the administration, and pertinent student issues. Student Council also organizes fundraisers for a variety of charitable organizations, recognizes and celebrates kindness in the student body, and helps plan spirit and morale events for the school.


    Officers are elected by the student body under the supervision of the staff of Middle School East. Officers are expected to uphold the highest moral and academic standards to provide an example for the rest of the school.


    Representatives apply for their position at the beginning of every year. Their applications are reviewed by the student council officers and sponsors, and teacher recommendation is one of the main considerations when selecting applications.


    Student Council meets throughout the year every other Tuesday morning or afternoon. Student Council events can occur throughout the day and after school.