Credit by Exams & Final Exams for courses by Correspondence are available for all students. The guidelines below are for CHS testing, testing is also offered through the district, for information please visit the assessment website. 

    Approvals for all CBE's and Final Exams muct come from your CHS Counselor.


    Credit by Exam

    A student takes a correspondence course final exam for a semester of a course to obtain credit.

    For Recovery of a Credit (student failed either semester of a core course)

    ·        A student must have received either a semester average or final exam grade of at least 60 to be eligible to take a Credit by Exam for recovery of a credit.

    ·        A score of at least 70 on the Credit by Exam is required to receive credit.

    ·        The grade is recorded on a student’s transcript as a regular level GPA and does not replace the original grade.

    ·        Provider - University of Texas at Austin

    ·        Testing dates at CHS are listed below. Students may also test at UT Arlington with their approval.

    ·        Registration - See your counselor to receive approval to take this Credit by Exam.

    For Original Credit (student has never had the course)

    ·        The student must have never taken the course

    ·        A score of at least 80 on the Credit by Exam is required to receive credit.

    ·        The grade is recorded on a student’s transcript as a regular level

    ·        Registration - Testing is done by the school district. Go to https://www.coppellisd.com/Page/523 for information and to obtain a registration form


    Correspondence Courses

    A student takes a course on-line to receive high school credit. See information below about taking the final exam.


    ·        University of Texas at Austin –  https://highschool.utexas.edu/

    ·        Counselor approval is required before starting a course. See your counselor.


    ·        The grade is recorded on a student’s transcript as an on level credit.

    ·        All coursework is done at home with the final exam being taken at CHS or another UT High School approved testing site.


    ·        Course enrollment fees, books and materials are the responsibility of the learner.


    Senior Deadlines

    All Correspondence Courses and/or Credit by Exams required for graduation must be earned and official documentation provided to Coppell High School by the 1st day of the school year the student intends to graduate. Any documentation not provided will result in that class being placed on the student’s schedule.


    Correspondence Course Final Exam & Credit Recovery Exam
    (Original credit exams are done through the school district not CHS. See information above for these exams)

    Procedure to Order

    ·        The student orders the final exam at the completion of a semester correspondence course. UT Austin has a Proctor Form that needs to be complete to order the exam. The CHS part is completed by Ms. Ruedi or Ms. Raddatz in the counseling office.

    ·        This needs to be done at a minimum of three weeks before the date you want to test as it may take up to three weeks for the test to arrive at CHS (Verify with UT Austin that three weeks is enough time for them to send the exam to CHS – time frame may vary)

    ·        The grade for the course is recorded on a student’s transcript as an on level course with on level GPA points.

    Dates/Fees for Exams

    ·        2019-2020
    July 17, 2019              8am-12pm (CHS Field House)
    July 19, 2019              8am-12pm (CHS Field House)
    November 5, 2019       4:10-7:10 pm
    December 3, 2018       4:10-7:10 pm
    January 14, 2020           4:10-7:10 pm
    March 3, 2020            4:10-7:10 pm
    April 14, 2020              4:10-7:10 pm

    ·        Proctor Fee – $10 payable by check to CHS or cash in Student Services at least one day in advance. There is not any registration available the day of the exam.

    ·        Exams are given in the computer lab in B107 except for the July dates which will be determinded prior to the exam. Students must be there, signed in to their UT account if taking the test on-line and be ready to take the test at indicated start time. As three hours are allowed by the universities to take the exam late arrivals cannot be accommodated.




    Students may also test at UT Arlington with their permission. The link to information about their service is: http://www.uta.edu/universitycollege/prospective/testing-services/proficiency-and-other-exams/correspondence-and-distance-learning.php.