Dual Credit


    A student must earn at least a "C" from North Lake to receive credit at CHS.

    Dual Credit classes are classes a student takes and receives both high school credit and credit from North Lake Community College (or another Dallas County Community College). Whether those credits will transfer to the school a student attends after graduation is up to the school that student attends but it is Texas state law that all public universities in Texas must allow those credits to transfer leaving it up to the receiving institution what credit they award. To see what credit a Texas university will award go to www.tccns.org to determine what credit a course taken at North Lake will receive at a different Texas public university.  All Dual Credit classes are level 3 classes for grade point averaging (same as Honors classes).  While tuition is waived for the Dual Credit Courses listed in the CHS Course Planning Guide, books and other required materials are the learner's responsibility.  



     Dual Credit Basics


    ·        Students take their class(s) at North Lake during the year two days a week. Summer classes meet Monday through Thursday. To see class offerings go to:


    o   www.dcccd.edu


    o   schedules


    o   e-connect


    o   either future student menu or current credit student menu


    o   find credit classes


    ·        Juniors and Seniors are eligible to take either 1 or 2 classes at North Lake. Students must be at Coppell High School 3 consecutive periods per school day. The release periods for AM classes will be 1, 5 and for PM classes will be 4, 8 for dual credit students. 


    ·        As with any Honors class, Dual Credit courses will earn GPA points on the following scale: A = 5.5, B = 4.9, C = 4.3, D or F = no credit earned