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    Family Connection by Naviance

    This web-based program is the basis for college applications at CHS. Seniors are to list all the schools to which they are applying in the "colleges I'm applying to" section. That section will provide students with a wealth of information about the application process for each school.

    This program also has a great number of other resources. Among them are a SAT prep course, Interest and Career Inventories which can be used to investigate college majors and possible careers, and information about summer enrichment programs. A detailed list of features is in the link to the right.


    To Sign On
    • If using your iPad make sure you are using the Chrome browser. Naviance is not compatible with Safari.
    • The link to this program is:
    • Use “Sign In for Returning Users” as we have already uploaded a username and password for each student.
    • Username/Password for Grade 12: 
      • Username is your CHS email address. Example: (all lower case) with abc being a student's initials (b=x if there is not a middle name) and 2345 being the last four digits of your CHS ID.
      • Password - All classes use their birth date (six digit code – mmddyy). Once on the system, change your email in "my profile" to an address you visit often. This will allow you to see information that we will send to you throughout the year. This will not change your username.
    • Username/Password for Grades 9, 10, 11, & New Students:
      • Username and Password are what you use for other accounts. Username is your three initials and the last four digits of your your CHS ID. Example: abc2345. Your password is however you have it set.

    The features of Naviance. Following are two YouTube videos explaining the features of Naviance and how to get the most out of it. The first was done in 2013 and is a great overview. The second was done in 2014 and has a few updates to the program.

    The link to this program If you forget your username and/or password please email Ms. Fiene-Spain or Ms. Maehs. In your email ask for your information to be reset and a email will be generated from Naviance with that information. The only other piece of information you need is the account name and that is: coppell.