Mrs. Jenna Grinnan

Phone: 2144963862


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Sociology - Texas A&M University Master of Science in Sociology - University of North Texas

Mrs. Jenna Grinnan


Department: CTE

Principles of Arts, AV Technology and Communications

Credit Recovery

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  • Mrs. Grinnan's Tutoring Schedule:

    A Day: 4th Period (2:40-4:10)

    B Day: 5th Period (8:50-10:20)

    Thursday: B Block during Block Lunch

    Before and After School by Appointment

A Day B Day
1st Period - 8:50-10:20 Arts & AV Tech 5th Period - 8:50-10:20 Conferenc
2nd Period - 10:27-11:57 Recovery/Edgenuity 6th Period - 10:27-11:57 Arts & AV Tech
3rd Period - 1:03-2:33 Arts & AV Tech 7th Period - 1:03-2:33 Credit Recovery
4th Period - 2:40-4:10 Conference 8th Period - 2:40-4:10 Arts & AV Tech