Mr. Christopher Arney

Phone: (703)864-8659


Degrees and Certifications:

Major: English with a Concentration in Literary Analysis Minor: Business Communication Information Systems Certifications: Secondary Teacher Certification; ESL Certification

Mr. Christopher Arney

English I

English I Honors

  • Mr. Arney's Tutoring Schedule:

    A Day: 1st Period (8:50-10:20)

    B Day: 7th Period (1:03-2:33)

    Lunch: Wednesdays during A Block Lunch

    Before and After school by Appointment

A Day B Day C Day
1st Period- 8:50-10:20 Conference Period 5th Period- 8:50-10:20 English I Honors 1st Period- 8:50-9:30 Conference Period
2nd Period- 10:27-11:57 English I 6th Period- 10:27-11:57 English I Honors 5th Period- 9:38-10:18 English I Honors
3rd Period- 1:03-2:33 English I 7th Period- 1:03-2:33 Conference Period 2nd Period- 10:26-11:06 English I
4th Period- 2:40-4:10 English I Honors 8th Period- 2:40-4:10 English I Honors 6th Period- 11:15-11:55 English I Honors
3rd Period- 1:06-1:46 English I
7th Period- 1:54-2:34 Conference Period
4th Period- 2:42-3:22 English I Honors
8th Period- 3:30-4:10 English I Honors