• When will bus routes be published?
    Bus routes will be posted to the www.coppellisd.com/bus website the afternoon of Monday, August 12th. 

    How do I download/get the bus tracking app?
    Visit https://www.coppellisd.com/Page/15154 for instructions on downloading Durham’s bus tracking app.  Be sure to turn on the notifications to be notified when your child’s bus may be running late. 

    How do I pay the Device Protection Fee?
    Visit www.coppellisd.com/devicefee 

    How do I add additional students to my School Pay account to pay the Device Protection Fee?
    Once you login to School Pay, go to the upper right hand corner and there is a "Profile Management" link. Once you click on that, on the left there will be a "Student Management" tab. When you click on that, you should see a "Add New Student" on the top right.

    When will iPads and accessories be distributed to 6-8th graders and to CHS9 and CHS students? 
    iPads were distributed to CHS9 and CHS students during schedule pick up.  Those who weren’t able to pick up during schedule pick up will receive on the first day of school. 

    Middle school students will receive their iPads the week of Aug. 19.  An email will be sent to parents and students with more details. 

    New Tech High @ Coppell students received their MacBooks during Rookie Camp Aug. 2. 

    Will parents be able to use the find my ipad feature for lost iPads?
    This option will not be available, since the school issued iPad is connected to a district managed Apple ID and not a personal one. However, the district may be able to assist in locating misplaced device through its own mechanisms.

    Why is the iPad full device replacement fees for middle school and high school different? Are they issued the same iPad?
    Middle school students will receive the base iPad.  CHS9 and CHS students are receiving an iPad Air, thus the difference in full replacement costs for these iPads. 

    Why are Valley Ranch Elementary students going to Denton Creek Elementary for Pre-K,  when Austin and Lakeside are closer to Valley Ranch Elementary?
    The feeder patterns for Pre-K campuses were determined by the space availability at the selected Pre-K campuses - Austin, Lakeside, Wilson and Denton Creek.  These Pre-K campuses had the classroom space available for Pre-K that the other district's elementary schools did not.Students then were assigned to Pre-K campuses based on the number of students who qualified from a particular area.  The district also wanted to keep students from the same attendance zone, such as Valley Ranch or Lee, together at the same Pre-K campus. We were unable to keep Canyon Ranch together due to the large number of students who qualified for Pre-K from that attendance zone.  Pre-K attendance zone information can be found at www.coppellisd.com/prek

    We are unable to consider special parent request for a specific campus at this time. We are aware that no schedule is ideal for everyone, but please know we have looked at every possibility and the Pre-K attendance zones are how we must move forward in preparation for the first day of school on August 14th.

    Where is CHS parent drop off this year? Northside only?
    CHS parent drop off remains at the Northside for this school year. 

    When will HAC (Home Access Center) be available?
    The Home Access Center or HAC will be back online the first day of school, Aug. 14. 

    Will the CISD App be functional this year with the updates on grades, lunch account, etc.?
    Yes, the CISD App always should be functional with this information.  Please note, the posting of grades to the CISD App is delayed, so HAC (Home Access Center) should be your source for checking grades.  If there are any issues with the App, please email input@coppellisd.com

    Besides the teachers offering before and after tutoring, are there any other offering for tutoring maybe from students at the high school?
    Yes. Due to CHS offering C Days on Fridays, there will be more opportunities for our high school students to tutor and mentor younger students.