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    Deadline Approaching to order a SENIOR RECOGNITION AD for the yearbook!

    Dear Parents of Seniors:
    As you prepare to celebrate the upcoming graduation of your Senior, we are very happy to offer you a special opportunity to thank, congratulate, praise, or express your love to your senior with a Parental Display of Affection (aka Senior PDA) in the Round-Up Yearbook. Please note the important ad information below.


    Senior Ad Pricing and Deadlines:

    Space is divided into segments of eight. 1/8 page sells for $80 and provides space for only 1 picture; 1/4 page sells for $150, providing space for 2-3 photos; 1/2 page sells for $250, providing space for 4-6; and a full page ad sells for $450 and provides space for up to 10 photos.


    The deadline for all Senior Ads is 4pm on Friday, October 11, 2013. To meet this deadline, all photos and text plus the contract and payment must be received no later than 4pm.

    The ad will only be placed when ALL the ad pieces have been received (payment, text, contract, and photos). The yearbook staff assigned to the section will design a special template for the Senior Ads, so no additional ad sketches or drawings are accepted or needed.

    Ads received after October 11 will be assessed a $75 late fee and, NO PAYMENTS OR MATERIAL WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER FRIDAY 10-25. IF WE HAVE A PAID AD AND MISSING MATERIALS BY 10-25, THE AD WILL BE REFUNDED TO YOU.


    Senior Ad Picture Guidelines (please read carefully and follow all directions):

    >Digital images are preferred but will be accepted only IF they are in the format of a .jpg and have a resolution of 300 dpi or greater. These may be emailed to sbuckley@coppellisd.com with the subject line “Last name, First name, Senior ad.” For example: Smith, John, senior ad. 

    >Hard copy prints on photo paper may be accepted in color or black and white, but must be clear, good quality.  (No printer paper copies.) Only square or rectangular photos will be accepted. (No ovals, hearts, stars, etc. ). Please send images no smaller than 2x3 in size and no larger than 8x10 in size.  If a photograph is deemed unusable, it will not be placed in the ad. PLEASE, do not send the only copy of your precious photos. Make copies at Walmart, CVS or other stores.

    >DO NOT write on the back of the actual photograph, but DO place a label or post-it on the back of photos with your name, your senior’s name, your address & phone number.

    >DO NOT cut, staple or fold the photos. Also, DO NOT paper clip any pictures together as they may get scratched.

    >Please only send photos that are school appropriate of your student-no nudity, obscene gestures, inappropriate actions, or alcohol/drug related images will be allowed.

    >Photos will be printed as received. We do not manipulate them nor do we fix them, so please check for scratches, pixilation, graininess, ink spots, and blemishes that may be magnified in print.

    >Ad Layouts will be uniform and created by the yearbook staff for consistency. Please DO NOT send in layouts of how you would like the ad to appear.


    Senior Portraits (Blunck’s,) 972.881.0229: You should plan to have your senior’s portrait taken as early as possible (Appointments can be made from June through the last week of September), especially if you want to include it in your senior’s ad. We cannot hold space to wait for a formal senior portrait. It takes at least 4-6 weeks to have portrait purchases returned to you from Blunck’s, so please have your senior portrait taken as early as possible.


    Text: You may personalize your Senior AD with a short message, poem, scripture, song lyric, quote, etc. as long as it is school appropriate and meets current copyright laws (no more than 4 lines of any song or poem may be used). Please make sure you have attributed the text correctly (who sang it, wrote it, etc.).We accept handwritten or typed messages to seniors, or you may email your message to sbuckley@coppellisd.com. Please include in the subject line Last Name, First Name, Senior Ad. For example: Smith, John, Senior Ad.  


    Payment: Payment for your ad may be made by credit card at www.jostensadservice.com. Photos and text must be sent to the school separately. If paying by mail, your cancelled check will be your receipt. Send ad payments to: CHS Round-Up Yearbook, 185 West Parkway Blvd., Coppell, TX 75019. Any questions, call (214) 496-6100. Please be aware if you leave your ad with the receptionist, they are not liable if it is not delivered to the yearbook adviser.

    *Please note that the senior ads are student produced and edited, and while we always strive to produce a product that is 100% correct at all times, sometimes mistakes do occur. We do not give refunds.


    Picture Returns: All photos become the temporary property of the Round-Up until the end of the school year. Photos may be picked up on Yearbook Distribution Day, or you may enclose the appropriate sized, self-addressed, correctly stamped envelope. (Size should be based on your largest printed photo).

    We look forward to working with you to commemorate your senior with a special ad in the Round-Up Yearbook, a tradition they can keep forever. For additional information, please email Ms. Buckley  at sbuckley@coppellisd.com. ALL the pieces of your ad must be submitted together in order for the senior ad to be placed. If any ad piece (text, photos, contract, payment, etc.) is missing, the senior ad will not be placed and may be subject to the late fee. Please fill out the contract on back, and send it in with your photographs, ad text, and payment.


    Senior Ad Photograph Reminders (Please use this checklist when choosing senior ad photos):

    ·       Digital Images must be .jpg format and 300dpi or greater.

    ·       Good quality ad photos chosen – Each photo is free of blemishes, scratches, etc. Photos that can be scanned and the quality will be good enough for reprinting on Photo Paper.

    ·       All ad photos are school appropriate in content-no nudity, no drug or alcohol references, no inappropriate hand gestures, no foul language displayed, etc.

    ·       Number of ad photos chosen does not exceed the number of photos that will fit the ad size chosen (1/8th=1 pic, 1/4rd=2-3 pics, 1/2=4-6 pics, Full page=no more than 10 pictures).

    ·       Ad Photos chosen are squares and/or rectangles in shape-no odd sizes used, such as ovals, stars, hearts, etc.

    ·       All hard copy photos are printed on PHOTO QUALITY PAPER (Kodak, HP, Ilford, etc.); whether by a store or personal printer printed on Photo Quality Paper. No printer paper used.

    ·       Each ad photo is labeled clearly with the senior’s name and address and contact name and address if different.

    ·       All message text has been neatly handwritten or has been typed or emailed. No foul language of any kind is tolerated or printed and any ad given in another language (Spanish, French, etc.) must be translated in print.

    ·       Ad mailed or delivered and paid for by deadline October 11, 2013. LATE FEES AFTER OCT. 11. NOTHING ACCEPTED AFTER OCT. 25.