Accelerated Instruction: House Bill 4545

  • The Texas Legislature passed House Bill 4545 during the 87th Legislative Session, which requires school districts to provide accelerated instruction for students who “Did Not Meet Grade Level” or did not take the STAAR, STAAR Alternate 2, or end-of-course assessments in Spring 2021.
    The legislation includes:

    • The elimination of grade retention and retesting requirements tied to STAAR test results in grades 5 and 8.
    • The requirement for accelerated instruction for any student who scored in the “Did Not Meet” category on the STAAR assessment in grades 3–8 or STAAR (EOC) end-of-course assessments.
    • The legislation includes students who did not take the STAAR or EOC assessments.

    Accelerated Instruction is required for any student who scores in the “Did Not Meet” category on the STAAR or STAAR Alt 2 assessment in grades 3–8 or STAAR (EOC) end-of-course assessments or did not take the STAAR or EOC assessment. Accelerated instruction is targeted, supplemental instruction aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skill  (TEKS)  which will help the student in demonstrating proficiency in each content area on the next state assessment. It may occur before school, after school, on Saturday, or be embedded during the school day.

    Accelerated Instruction applies to math, reading/writing, science, and social studies.
    Students who ”Did not Meet” standards for reading and/or math in grades 3,5,and 8 must have an accelerated learning committee. This committee will develop an accelerated learning plan and monitor progress throughout the year.

    Coppell ISD is utilizing guidance provided by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) to develop HB 4545 implementation guidelines for the campuses.

    Campuses will be in communication with parents regarding the specific support for their students.