• Campus Improvement Plan

    Site-Based Decision Making

    Site-based decision making implementation has been mandated for all Texas school districts since 1992. The basic premise of site-based decision making is that the most effective decisions are made by those who will actually implement the decisions. The belief is that people involved at the campus level have a greater opportunity to identify problems, develop problem resolution and change strategy than people located off-campus. Site-based decision making concepts also recognize that people at the campus level are more likely to internalize change and to support its implementation if they are involved in the decision making than if they are not.
    The objective of site-based decision making is to improve student performance and to enhance accountability. (www.tea.state.tx.us/)

    In Coppell ISD, each campus forms a Campus Site-Based Committee that sets the campus's educational objectives, consistent with the District Improvement Plan and Strategic Plan. This Campus Improvement Plan is a one year plan that notes how resources and time will be allocated in the school year to meet the determined objectives. The Campus Improvement Committee consists of representation from the community, parents and staff.