• Strategic Planning

  • Coppell ISD is launching a new Strategic Planning process through the fall of 2023 that will help guide the District's priorities over the next ten years 

  • The District underwent a Strategic Design process in 2017, which led to the adoption of our core values: Great Teaching, Relationships, Redefining Success and Engagement.  This process also included the update to the CISD Mission and the adoption of the tagline, “You Matter”.  Additionally, the district went through an extensive visioning process that included a Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee in 2019-2020, a Visioning Committee in 2021 and a Bond Steering Committee in 2022-2023. The Strategic Planning process will build on these committees’ create the next stage of our Strategic Design by working to create a roadmap that is reflective of the Coppell ISD community's educational priorities as we look towards the future. 

    Coppell ISD is inviting parents, teachers, staff, students, and community members to apply to join the 2023 Strategic Planning Committee. The individuals will represent all stakeholders in our community. 

  • Strategic Design
  • Long Range Facilities Planning Committee
  • Visioning Committee
  • Bond Steering Committee

2023 Strategic Planning Committee

  • Anyone who is not part of the Committee will still have an opportunity to have a voice in the process through feedback and input. In addition, there will be opportunities to be involved as Action Team Leaders.

    Keep checking back to this Strategic Planning site for updates throughout the process.