• Environment Club

    C.O.L.A. -- Not a drink, but a way of life!
    Coppell Outdoor Learning Area (C.O.L.A.) is a nature area that allows students and the community to gain a better understanding of the environment and our responsibility to protect it. COLA is an on-going project created and managed by students at Coppell Middle School North. Please join us to celebrate the accomplishments of these students and many volunteers.
    We can use the nature center for many different things. Classes will be able to go out and use the resources, or they can just sit and read. The nature center will also be open to the community so other people can come and enjoy it. There will be benches and a trail for anyone who wants to come and use the area. 
    Plants in the Nature Center
    • Texas Sage (Lencophyllum frutescens)
    • Trumpet Vine (Campsis radicans)
    • Dwarf Wax Myrtle Dwarf (Myrica pusilla)
    • Red Yucca (Hesperaloe parviflora)
    • Indian Grass (Sorghastnim nutans)
    • Shurmand Red Oak
    • Bur Oak
    • Live Oak
    How to Contribute
    Donate a plant to a loved one or in memory of a loved one. The Coppell Outdoor Learning Area (C.O.L.A.) will have a designated site for the plants that are native to the Black Land Prairie. The names of those so honored will be listed on a plaque placed in the garden. Talk to any environmental club member about donations.


Last Modified on August 13, 2007