• Theatre Arts at North


    2021- 2022 CMS North Theatre Season

    All shows at 7pm in North Cafetorium.

    Admission to all Theatre A and B shows $5

    Admission to Musical Revue $5

    Admission to Theatre C Musical- $10

    Students must be passing ALL classes in order to participate in the class plays. 

    November 16th- Theatre C Musical Revue

    December 7th- Reese 5th period Theatre B

    January 25th- Nordgren 2nd period Theatre A

    February 1st- Reese 3rd period Theatre A

    February 7th- Nordgren 5th Theatre A

    February 15th- Reese 7th period Theatre A

    February 28th OR March 1st- Reese 6th period Theatre A (dependant on Track schedule)

    March 7th OR March 10th- Reese 2nd period Theatre B (dependant on Track schedule)

    April 25th, 26th, 27th- Theatre C Musical MANDATORY Rehearsals after school. 3:35pm- 7pm-ish

    April 28th- Theatre C Musical

    April 29th- Theatre C Musical

Last Modified on August 16, 2021