• Three Year Dream Comes True at CMS North

    In 2009, what began as a writing assignment became the students' brainstorm to build a structure for all students and the community to use for enjoyment, peace, and learning. 

    Through problem-based learning, students learned how to market an idea, develop and present proposals, and understand approval processes in both CISD and the City of Coppell.  The following year, Ms. Pangrac's new Integrated Research students continued the PBL project and began fundraising efforts and fine-tuning the plans into a more realistic budget.  Through donations, a silent auction, and presentations to the PTO Board and other grantors, students raised over $8,000.  As student Sarah Hyden described the endeavor, "It feels like we are running our own business."

    This year, although Ms. Pangrac has returned to private business, she and her former students saw the fruit of their labor as COLA, Cougar Outdoor Learning Area, was installed by the North tennis courts and existing Blackland Prairie. They challenge future classes to enhance the dream they sought to achieve. The moral of the story - Dream big and don't give up!