• CMS-West Physical Education

    Brandi Cantrell, Rebekah Grissoms, Ricky Fernandez, John Kelder
    Welcome to Physical Education!!
     We want to welcome y'all back for the 2018-19 year. You can check back here and individual PE teacher schoology pages for periodic updates and announcements. If you want to visit your teachers webpage, you can look it up under staff webpages. We hope throughout the year you will learn how important Physical Education is to living a healthy lifestyle.
     Physical Education 1st Semester Units:           Physical Education 2nd Semester Units:
    • Fitness                                                        - Basketball
    • Volleyball                                                   - Speedball
    • Flag Football                                              - Kickball/mat ball
    • Soccer                                                         - 4 Square
    • Hockey                                                       - Softball
    • Ultimate Frisbee                                         - Track and Field
    • Health units                                               - Group Games
    • Badminton
    **Upcoming Events**
    September- Pre-Fitness Gram assessments
    October- Red Ribbon Week- Walk Away from Drugs in PE
    November-What are you most thankful for? 
    December-  Random Act of Kindness
    January- Healthy Habits for the New Year
    February- Heart Health Month- Jump Rope and Hoops for Heart
    March- SMASH BATTLE- Smash out Heart Disease
    April- End of year Fitness Gram tests
Last Modified on August 28, 2018