Health Services

     TX Health Services
    Our mission is to promote and protect the health, safety, academic success, and lifelong achievement of our students.
    "Keeping students healthy and safe, in class and ready to learn!"


    At each CISD campus, a comprehensive school health program is coordinated by a Registered School Nurse (RN). The department is led by the Coordinator of Health Services and falls under the administrative umbrella of the Director of Staff and Student Services.

    By providing health appraisals, periodic health screenings, community referral, and health education and counseling, school nurses enhance health within the school and community. The RN identifies health problems that may affect educational achievement and develops a student plan of care in collaboration with the student, family, staff, and the student's healthcare provider. Through careful monitoring of student health needs, the RN is instrumental in helping to provide for all students a safe and positive educational experience.

    To ensure the excellence of our school health program, the CISD Health Services Department adopted the Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice (National Association of School Nurses, 2015). The framework provides a structure and focuses on the critical school nursing principles of Care Coordination, Leadership, Quality Improvement, Community/Public Health, and Standards of Practice.