• 1998 Grade Level Alignment Report

    Highlights of the April 1998 High School Facility/Grade Alignment Committee
    Enrollment Projections
    Public Opinion
    Site Visit
    Academic Impact
    Extracurricular Impact
    Fiscal Impact
    Facilities Impact

    Findings of the Enrollment Projections Subcommittee
    Projections were based on the following assumptions:
    • Current land plans of Coppell, Irving, Grapevine, and Lewisville (within CISD) will remain constant until build-out
    • Overall household demographics would remain constant
    • CISD boundaries would remain unchanged
    Conclusion of the Enrollment Projections Subcommittee
    • Coppell High School student population at build-out would range from 2,484-2,690
    Adopted Population Projection
    • The Steering Committee adopted a population projection of 2,500 for the planning of future high school options
    Public Opinion Subcommittee-Findings
    • An overwhelming majority of survey respondents favored some form of grade alignment that would keep all four grades (9-12) on a single campus.
    • Number of Survey Respondents
      667 citizens
      59 teachers
      1,093 students
    Main Reasons for One Campus as Reported by the Public Opinion Subcommittee
    • Fiscal responsibility (cost)
    • Preserving a unified community
    • Ability to offer a broader range of academic and extracurricular offerings
    • The City of Coppell is too small to support two traditional 9-12 high school campuses
    Conclusion Based Upon Public Opinion
    1. The Steering Committee agreed with the Public Opinion Subcommittee that the majority of respondents favored either one single 9th-12th grade campus
    2. Or, a configuration that would include a 9th Grade Center on the same campus as the other high school
    Subcommittee Site Visits - 1998
    • Arlington Martin High School - Single Large High School
    • Duncanville ISD - 9th Grade Center
    Possible Building Configurations
    • Five campus configurations were presented to the Board of Trustees by the Steering Committee
      One 9th-12th high school
      Two 9th-12th high schools
      9th-10th and 11th-12th Separate Campuses
      9th Grade Center on Separate Campus
      9th Grade Center within 9th-12th high school
    OPTION #1: One 9th–12th High School
    Continuation of the existing high school configuration

    Academic Advantages
    Course curriculum with greater depth and breath (more sessions/more courses)
    Greater opportunity for teacher sharing regarding curriculum and students

    Extracurricular Impact
    Greater opportunities-wider variety of activities
    Smaller percentage of student will participate in extracurricular activities

    Academic Disadvantages or Concerns
    Risk of becoming:
    • Too impersonal
    • Students anonymous
    • Limiting student/ teacher interaction
    Facility Impact
    The existing facility would need to be expanded in the following areas:
    • classrooms
    • cafeteria
    • athletics
    • fine art facilities
    • parking and traffic - flow around the building
    • Expansion cost would be $8,000,000
    OPTION #2: Two 9th-12th High Schools
    Academic Advantages
    • Smaller schools exhibit higher academic achievement
    • Smaller schools exhibit more individual attention for students
    Extracurricular Impact
    • More opportunity for participating in more sport and/or fine arts activities
    • Would broaden educational experiences

    Academic Disadvantages or Concerns:
    • Potential affects of a decrease in course offerings both in breath and depth
    • May require the sharing of teachers between campuses
    • Students may have to travel between campuses for some course offerings
    Facilities Considerations
    • Land limitations within CISD
    • Would need to use CMS West as the "new" high school
    • Would need to build another new middle school
    • "Status"perception could create a division in the community
    • Two high schools of equal size would leave the "current" high school building underutilized
    • 1,250 students in a building designed for over 2,000 students
    • Renovation of CMS West and construction of a new middle school would cost $30,000,000
    OPTION #3: 9th-10th and 11th-12th Separate Campuses
    This option was not given significant consideration due to the inability to obtain the numbers of students necessary on either campus to achieve possible advantages

    OPTION #4: 9th Grade Center on a Separate Campus
    Insufficient Projected Enrollment
    • To be successful with a separate 9th grade center, approximately 800 students would need to be enrolled to allow for appropriate class offerings and facility use
    • Projected enrollment at build-out not expected to reach 800 students

      Additional Concerns
    • Severe restrictions my be imposed on the flexibility of students to participate in extracurricular activities
    • Mentoring opportunities for relationships between older and younger students will be severely limited
    • Would create two "transition" years (9th grade and then again in 10th grade)
    Fiscal Impact
    Estimated to cost $20,000,000 to $25,000,000 based upon construction costs of CMS North

    Additional Expansion Necessary
    • Depending upon the extracurricular offerings
    • No dollar amount predicted
    OPTION #5: 9th Grade Center within 9th-12th High School
    • Would feature the physical benefits of a single large high school with slight modifications to include more classrooms and labs for 9th grade
    • Would have a separate 9th grade "wing" for core classes
    • Provides an area of the building for 9th grade academics
    • Academic benefits for 9th grade students are achieved
    • Extracurricular opportunities are not restricted for 9th grade students
    • Mentoring between students is facilitated
    • Best utilizes the existing high school facility
    • Provides room for 180 more students than projected
    Provide Support for All Students
    • Addition of Leadership/Study Skills Class
    • Reading
    • Math Remediation
    Establish a Positive Climate
    • Mentor Program/Advisory Time
    • Transitional Strategies
    • Integrate Students with 10-12 Graders
    Address Administrative Issues
    • Teacher Profile
    • Staffing
    • GPA
    • Planners
    • Classroom Sets of Texts
    Fiscal Impact - $9,000,000