• Historical Timeline

    1998 Grade Alignment Committee
    • The committee determined that the optimal population of the high school is 2,500 students. 
    Spring 2003
    • Boundary committee looked at redistricting and enrollment projections through 2008. Enrollment projections showed that the high school population would reach over 3,000 in 2005-06. 
    Fall 2005-Fall 2006
    • October 2005-The Board asked for the formation of a group of community and CISD staff members (Grade Alignment committee) to research specific alternatives to the overcrowding at CHS.
    • May 2006-During the spring, the Grade Alignment Committee met, researched options, and recommended the academy or 9th Grade Center as viable options to reduce CHS overcrowding.
    • September 2006-The Board reconvened the discussion about overcrowding at CHS.
    • September 2006-Held open forum at CHS-all input was given to the Pinnacle 2010 committee.
    • October-November 2006-The Board discussed the options and heard additional research during two board workshops open to the public.
    • October-December 2006-Met with a student advisory group, faculty advisory group and parent/community advisory groups.
    • November 2006-Presented information about the academy/choice high school to the Key Communicators’ group.
    Board to Vote on Academy/Magnet School November 27, 2006 
    A year ago October the Board of Trustees ask for a group of community and staff members to evaluate the current situation at Coppell High School and present viable options to address overcrowding. The Grade Alignment Committee met throughout the spring of 2006 in which members researched options and solicited information from other community members. A summary of their work was presented at a Board meeting in May 2006. The Grade Alignment committee’s supported two viable solutions: A ninth Grade Center and an Academy/Magnet school.
    In September 2006, the Board discussed the recommendation from the Grade Alignment Committee and asked Dr. Turner to have staff report further on the pros/cons about the academic impact of both alternatives. The Board requested more information about the Academy/Magnet concept and how other districts were implementing this choice for students to be presented. After further discussion at the November 7 Board workshop, the Board of Trustees concluded they were ready to take action regarding moving forward with the process of developing an Academy/Magnet school. This action item will be included on the November 27 Board agenda.
    • November 2006-At a board meeting, the Board approved the creation of an academy/choice high school to open fall of 2008.
    Spring 2007
    • Spring 2007-The Pinnacle 2010, a staff/community committee, met to conduct research and make recommendations to the board regarding the curriculum and structure of the academy.
    • Spring 2007-CISD staff began to research facility options.
    • February 2007-Two Education Symposiums were held to discuss the future of education and the creation of the academy as one of those options.
    • March 2007-A update presentation was made at a board meeting-this meeting aired on the cable show.
    • February-March 2007-The committee conducted an open, voluntary online survey to determine academic interest areas of students and parents in CISD.
    • May 2007-The committee finalized recommendations regarding curriculum and structure to present to the board.
    • April-May 2007-The CISD staff presented facility options during two board workshops.
    • May 2007-The Board held a public forum about the reconstituting of Lee Elementary for the academy.
    • May 2007-A presentation of the Pinnacle 2010 committee's final recommendations was made at a board meeting.

    Summer-Fall 2007

    • Curriculum Department is developing and writing curriculum.