• Coppell ISD Participates in the World Community Grid

    Coppell Independent School District is an active participating member in the World Community Grid. The purpose of the World Community Grid is to create the world’s largest public computing grid to benefit humanity. Grid technology takes advantage of the massive computing power and allows both public and non-profit organizations to do research. This cumulative computing power from across the world allows research to be completed faster and reduces the length of time that it takes to do research from years to months.
    Update as of July 2, 2008:
    1. 4+ years of computer time has been provided by Coppell ISD since the end of March 2008
    2. 196 CISD computers have the BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing, developed at University of California, Berkeley, USA with funding from the NSF (National Science Foundation) agent installed on them.
    The site can be viewed in 4 additional languages other than English ( i.e. French, Spanish ...)
    You can view the research project data without a member name or password.
    Below are the projects which CISD computers are providing unused computer time for:
    As seen below, Coppell ISD is donating the time their computer is setting idle to these projects that benefit humanity.
    For more detailed statistics about CISD's contribution, click here.
    We encourage everyone to learn more about the World Community Grid by taking the time to visit the resources that are available in the resource section of this webpage.