• Ethics and Honor

    At the heart of every great organization is a strong sense of ethics and a strongly held code of honor.  Below you will find the Honor Concept and the Code of Ethics for the STEM Academy and the School of Engineering.
    Honor Concept
    Coppell Engineering Students are persons of integrity: They stand for that which is right.

    They tell the truth and ensure that the full truth is known. They do not lie.

    They embrace fairness in all actions. They ensure that work submitted as their own is their own, and that assistance received from any source is authorized and properly documented. They do not cheat.

    They respect the property of others and ensure that others are able to benefit from the use of their own property. They do not steal.
    - Adapted from the USNA Honor Concept
    Code of Ethics
    Engineers, in the fulfillment of their professional duties, shall:
    Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public.
    Perform services only in areas of their competence.
    Issue public statements only in an objective and truthful manner.
    Act for each employer or client as faithful agents or trustees.
    Avoid deceptive acts.
    Conduct themselves honorably, responsibly, ethically, and lawfully so as to enhance the honor, reputation, and usefulness of the profession.

    -Fundamental Cannons of NSPE Code of Ethics for Engineers

    General Douglas MacArthur(1880 - 1964)
    Supreme Commander of Allied forces in the Southwest Pacific Area during World War II