• Coppell High School... Then and Now

    In February 2005, a District Summit committee process identified four key issues facing Coppell ISD: 1)Coppell High School/ North Lake 2)Cypress Waters Development 3)Bond Election and 4)Middle Schools. Having already passed the bond election, implemented a double block schedule for middle school math, and continuing to work towards an agreement regarding the Cypress Waters development, CISD has made great strides in tackling another of the main issues, the size of Coppell High School.

    The CHS building can physically hold 3,200 students. And, according to the 1998 CHS Grade Level Alignment Report, the CHS population was projected to range from 2,484 – 2,690 at build-out. At the start of the 2008-2009 school year, the number of students on the CHS campus fit within that range.

    The enrollment at Coppell High School on June 5, 2008 was at 2,908 students. As of August 26, 2008, 2,700 students are enrolled; however, at any given time this school year, you will only find approximately 2,537 students on the CHS campus. Since the June enrollment, 275 students are enrolled at to the District’s newest school, New Tech High @ Coppell.

    Several students, although included in the enrollment number for CHS, are not actually on the campus. One of Coppell High School’s newest programs, Senior Scholars has taken 37 students off campus this year. With a dual credit enrollment of 202, the number of students on campus at any given time is reduced to 101. Also, 24 CHS students attend Turning Point and one is attending DAEP (Disciplinary Alternative Education Program).

    Pleased with the short-term progress, the numbers should only improve. The new Senior Scholars program is expected to increase in enrollment alongside the Dual Credit program. And NTH@C will continue to add a grade level each school year until it reaches a full compliment of grades 9-12.