• Resolution Approved for Larger Facility

    The Coppell ISD Board of Trustees recently signed a resolution to continue progress toward the purchase of a larger space in which to house the Coppell ISD Education Annex (Turning Point/Alternative Education and Compass Academy/Disciplinary Alternative Education Program) currently neighboring Coppell Middle School West. This temporary location next to CMS West (originally meant to be a three to five year solution from the portable buildings previously positioned behind the middle school), has served CISD students well beyond its life expectancy.

    Citing a number of reasons including: student growth; program expansion; inclusion of elementary students; deteriorating conditions in one of the oldest buildings in the district (significant irreparable foundation issues); CISD staff began the search for a more suitable location. After months of consideration, the building previously housing Champions Real Estate, a realtor training company located on the north end of Coppell at the southeast corner of Denton Tap and Natches Trace, is the preferred site.

    With its close proximity to neighboring Coppell Middle School North, the Annex would have access to their existing staff similar to the arrangement being offered in their current location near CMS West. This staffing includes Student Services (a portion of the enrollment does attend for minor disciplinary infractions) and Child Nutrition. Additionally, since the building has served as a school in the past, very few construction adaptations would be needed. All classroom materials, equipment, technology, cameras, fencing, portable lunch tables, etc., can be relocated to the new site for continued student use. Plus, due to efficient planning and favorable construction costs, the district was able to complete scheduled bond projects significantly under budget, making monies available to fund this project in its entirety.

    At one time, another option that was considered included the possibility of building a new facility on district property in the new North Lake/Cypress Waters area. However, the land best suited for this purpose (where the radio towers are currently located) is not readily accessible and will not become available until the tower leases expire in 2019. More information about the Annex project will be provided by the district as progress continues.