• Calendar Committee Presents Two Options

    In November 2010, the Coppell Independent School District established a Calendar Committee including representation from each campus as well as three additional parent/community members. The volunteer parents and staff members began the conversation regarding future calendars for CISD which meet the instructional needs of all students in the district. Charged by the CISD Board of Trustees, they were to do the following:

    1. Propose a calendar that would satisfy any current state mandates regarding school start dates, testing dates, staff development days, and instructional days

    2. Propose options that would facilitate a multi-year calendar

    3. Discuss the advantages/disadvantages of that calendar

    4. Seek input from the constituents they each represent (campus/larger school community) and present any feedback to the committee

    5. Be prepared to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees in January 2011

    Both calendar DRAFTS, for Options 1 and 2, are attached here for public preview. Similarities as well as a side-by-side comparison of both options are included in this summary. The Board will accept community input during the Open Forum portion of the regular Board meeting to be held at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, January 24, in the Vonita White Administration Bldg./200 South Denton Tap Road, Coppell.

    Similarities include: school start date of August 22 (ending dates differ by one day), 177 instructional days, 31 state and national testing dates, and seven state-allowed staff development days plus three waiver-approved days. In addition, extended holidays include one full week off at Thanksgiving and two full weeks off for Winter Break. The following side-by-side comparison illustrates the differences between Options 1 and 2:

    Option 1

    Option 2

    Calendar is the most similar to calendars previously adopted for CISD

    Fall semester is completed prior to the Winter Break/spring semester begins upon return in Jan.

    Calendar could be adopted for two years

    Because of the way the dates fall in Dec., can only adopt this calendar for one year (unless the 82nd Legislature allows for some flexibility in the school start date)

    Semesters are more balanced (90 days in the fall/ 87 in the spring)

    Semesters are less balanced (84 days in fall/93 in spring)

    Learning breaks occur naturally through respites

    No “Fair Day”in October (Columbus Day) - Includes student holidays every month in the spring semester

    Provides a dedicated day for elementary parent/teacher conferences in October

    Will need a modified schedule to accommodate elementary parent/teacher conferences in Oct.

    Because of the way the dates fall in December, there is a full week of staff and student holidays both before and after December 25

    Two full weeks of staff and student holidays occur after December 25

    Barring use of both inclement weather days, includes a four day weekend in April (Friday, April 6, and Monday, April 9

    Barring use of one inclement weather day (on Monday, April 9) includes a four day weekend in April. Friday, April 6, is a holiday.

    More consecutive instructional days

    Last instructional day is June 1

    Last instructional day is May 31