• Your Bond Dollars At Work!

    The CISD Maintenance Department is currently working on projects in phase four that were included in the 2009 bond package. There are approximately six phases altogether that make up the bond package which is set to be completed in 2013. Summer projects from the 2009 bond will total approximately $3.5 million.

    These projects listed began June 7, 2010 and will be substantially completed by August 16, in time for the start of the school year. Projects in progress include:

    • Wash fountain replacement at Lakeside Elementary
    • Roof, HVAC, carpet, wash fountain, and ceiling tile replacements at Town Center Elementary
    • Carpet replacement at CMS North
    • New roof on the “A” building, ceiling tile and grid replacement in the “A” and “C” buildings, and drainage improvements around the “C” building at CMS West
    • Recreation yard behind the Education Annex
    • Press box to be installed at the CISD Baseball/Softball Complex
    • New Energy Management system and re-commissioning of all the A/C equipment at the Vonita White Administration Building
    The Maintenance Department is also working on renovations in the libraries at Pinkerton Elementary, CMS North, and CMS West. These renovations include furniture replacements and some minor wall reconfigurations. All of the summer library projects will total approximately $800,000.