• Class Rank Below Top Ten Percent Under Consideration

    The Board of Trustees is gathering information about the concept of eliminating ranking high school students below the top 10 percent. Public forums were held June 1st and 2nd giving parents and students the opportunity to ask questions and express their opinions. All Board members attended at least one of the two forums held at CHS. College admissions counselors from schools such as Texas Tech, UT Arlington, and UNT were also present at the forums to directly answer parent's questions about admissions and scholarships, including how they evaluate prospective students without a rank. Ranking students within the top 10 percent is mandated by Texas state law at this time, and therefore, is not an option for elimination.

    A Class Ranking Committee was formed in late April and has been meeting since that time. The committee reviewed research from other school districts, including Highland Park and Southlake Carroll, that have opted to eliminate ranking below the top 10 percent. They also spoke with several college admissions departments from schools that are frequently attended by Coppell graduates. They examined how these schools determine who receives acceptance and who is awarded scholarships when class ranking is not available. At this time a decision has not yet been determined. For more information, please view the video of the June 2, 2010 Public Forum or the PowerPoint presentation.